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Welcome to the wiki for Lets Tortue Warriors, created by Winterstorm and Falconflight! It is bar none (probably) the best spoof on the site-and certaintly the most popular. Interested? See "Helpful links" below. (LTW is not responsible for broken friendships, arms, legs, or anything else caused by excessive laughter, ROFLing, et cetra. You have been warned.)

What LTW is AboutEdit

LTW is a hugely popular dare spoof on the Warriors Forums. It was created by Winterstorm and Falconflight, two forum users, and is probably the most popular spoof on the website. The two seasons so far published are pure awesomeness. If you like Miley Cyrus, Justin Beiber, or Hannah Montana though, wait until you don't like them to read it. ;) Or is that FOTOD, the second best forum spoof? Yeah, that's FOTOD.(Floozy and Onespirit in the Tunnels O' Doom, by .*Spottedfire*., a fan of LTW and a forum member.)

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Guidelines - Please read.

Sandbox - Here you can play with formatting, test edit, or just be random. Please don't delete anything, though.

Season 1 of LTW (On the Warriorcats Forums)

Season 2 of LTW (On the Warriorcats Forums)

Season 3 of LTW (On the Warriorcats Forums)

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